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Pension Application for Christopher W. Fox

State of New York
Montgomery County SS.
            On the nineteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two personally appeared before me Aaron Haring, Abraham Morrell, Samuel A. Gilbert, Henry I. Devendorff & John Hand Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Montgomery aforesaid.
            Christopher W. Fox a resident of the town of Palatine in the County of Montgomery (formerly the County of Tryon) since his birth aged seventy five years the third day of August last past who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832. 
            That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated.  (vizt)  That in the year 1775 was enrolled in a company of Militia commanded by William Fox as Captain who belonged to a Regiment of Militia Commanded by Colonel Jacob Klock.  That in the year 1775 he went with Captain Fox and others to Reimansneiders Bush on duty against the enemy.   And that he once went on an alarm to the Little Falls, that he went to Saltsmans on an alarm & that he went on an alarm to Getmans & that he went on an alarm to Frederick Empies & that he went for three weeks to Fort Dayton and that he went twice to the German Flats, once to work at the fort & once on an alarm, and that on an alarm he was stationed at Snells Fort in Stonearabia about eight days.  And that for six years he was stationed at Fort Paris in Stonearabia for one month in each year in aiding and assisting to protect said fort and those families who had bled to said Fort & that he was twice ordered& went to Fort Plank to aid and assist in protecting said Fort which he did at each time for some length of time, and that he since was stationed at Fort Clyde for some time and that he was in defence of the Inhabitants at Klocks and Timmermans in Palatine for a number of days, and that he once was ordered out in pursuit of a party of Indians & Tories who were expected in the neighbourhood of Sprackers [Sprakers] on the Mohawk which took place under the command of Captain John Zeilley.  And that he once went to Countrymans & from thence to Bowmans Creek on an alarm for about one week.  And that all the above was done by the orders of his superior officers and then in the County of Tryon.
            And that he once went on an alarm to Youngs Lake and remained there for one week guarding against the Enemy & that he also was at Cherry Valley immediately after the Indians and Tories had performed the Bloody massacring of Men, Women & Children in that place in 1778 in the month of November.  And that he was with General Schuyler at Herkimer whilst he was a holding a treaty with the Indians in 1775 or 1776.  And that he also under the command of Captain Christopher W. Fox fell in Company with General Schuyler at Caughnawaga & from thence they marched to Johnstown when Sir John Johnson surrendered from there to four hundred men to our forces—And that in the forepart of the season of 1777 he went out under General Herkimer & Colonel Cox where he remained about four weeks & that in the year 1779 he was under the command of one Captain Samuel Gray for six months and employed in boating from Schenectady to Fort Stanwix part of the time, and part of the time on the Susquehanna for the supply of General Sullivans Army, whilst on the Expedition against the Six Southern and Western Indian tribes.  And that he was at the Battle of Oriskany under the command of General Herkimer and Captain Christopher W. Fox.  And that he in July 1781 went under Captain Henry Miller & Lieutenant Jacob Sammons to attack a party of Indians and Tories which took place in the town of Oppenheim (then Palatine) and ended in one of the British Indians being killed and a number wounded and one of our men wounded slightly which was called Lampman Battle & that he was in October 1781 at Johnstown under the Command of Colonel Willet and Captain Henry Miller where ended the result in the defeat of the enemy who were pursued from thence to the West Canada Creek where the scene ended in the death of Butler & a number other British killed wounded & taken prisoners from whence they returned to head quarters.  And that in compliance to the Resolution passed by Congress the 27th day of May 1775 and the orders of his superior officers he armed and equipped himself with a Musket Powder & Ball from the time of his enrollment in Captain William Fox’s company in Colonel Jacob Klocks regiment until the conclusion of the Revolution.—
            And that he this applicant relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any state.
            Sworn to, and subscribed the day and year aforesaid—
(Signed) Christopher Fox
Geo. D. Ferguson, clerk.

Letter included in the pension file.
September 16, 1935
Mrs. Samuel A. Marshall
145 East Main Street
Norwich, New York
Dear Madam:
            Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War records of John Gray, Christopher W. Fox, George Snell, Robert Gray, twin brother of John, who was born in 1762 in Stone Arabia, married Mary Snell, also record of John J. Gray who married Electra Trumbull, and the War of 1812 record of Nicholas Gray who married Sophia Gordon.
            This office has no further data in regard to John Gray who married Mary Snell, nor to Nicholas Gray who married Sophia Gordon, than were furnished you May 9, 1935, as found in the claims for pensions based upon their military service.
            A further search of the Revolutionary War records has been made and no claims for pension found based upon service of a John Gray who served in the New York troops and who married Electra Trumbull, nor of a Robert Gray who was born in 1762 in Stone Arabia, nor of a George Snell.
            The record of Christopher W. Fox is given herein as found in pension claim, S. 10682, based upon his service in the Revolutionary War.
            Christopher W. Fox was born August 3, 1757, place not stated, nor are the names of his parents given.
            While residing in Palatine, Montgomery County, New York, Christopher W. Fox enlisted sometime in the year 1775, served at various times as private in the New York troops; until the close of the war, under Captains William Fox, John Zilley, Christopher W. Fox, Henry Miller, Colonels Jacob Klock, Cos and Willett; during this service he was out in frequent alarms against the Indians and Tories, was stationed at various forts, in several skirmishes with Indians, and in the battles of Oriskany and Johnstown.  He also served six months under Captain Samuel Gray “boating from Schenectady to Fort Stanwix”.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed September 19, 1832, then a resident of Palatine, New York.
            There is no reference to wife or children, nor is it shown that the Captains William Fox and Christopher W. Fox under whom the soldier served were related to him.
Very truly yours
A.D. Hiller, Executive Assistant to the Administrator

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