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Pension Application for Abijah Hubbell

W.1291  (Widow: Betsey)
State of Ohio
County of Meigs
            On this 29 day of march AD 1855, personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace within & for the County and state aforesaid Betsy Hubbell aged 80 years a resident of Rutland Meigs County Ohio, who being duly sworn according to law declares that she is the widow of Abijah Hubbell deceased, who was a Pensioner of the United States, for Military Service in the Revolutionary War, that she is in rece8pt of a pensions of 25 Dollars per Annum as the widow of the said Abijah Hubbell, under act of the 3rd of February 1853, that her pension certificate bears date 12th November 1853 which certificate was lost by her Agent Mr. Bosworth and another one obtained in lieu hereof bearing date 11th Oct 1854.
            She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which she may be entitled under act of March 3d 1855 granting bounty land to widows of officers and soldiers who served in the Revolutionary War.  She makes reference to the proof on file now in the pension office furnished when she made application for a Pension as evidence of her marriage to the said Abijah Hubbell and of his death which was in July 1841 in Rutland Meigns County Ohio.
            She further declares she is now a widow that she was married to the said Abijah Hubbell in Rutland about the year 1811.  (Signed with her mark)  Betsey Hubbell
            Attest V.D. Smith, E. Jones.

The State of Ohio
Meigs County SS.
            On this thirtieth day of April AD 1833 personally appeared before the Court of Common Pleas now sitting Abjah Hubbell a resident of Rutland Meigs county—State of Ohio aged 70 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.  That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers & served as herein stated some time in March 1777 he believes about the 1st of March Jabez Hubbell was drafted at Ballstown (then) Albany Co. NYork (the place of our residence at that time) to serve a tour of three months.  It being inconvenient for him to leave home he endeavoured, but in vain, to procure a substitute, this deponent offered to go provided he would be accepted it being doubtful on act. of his age but being large & pretty stout for that age was accepted & joined the company commanded by Capt. Weed & Lieu’t Thornton he marched first to Fort plank on the Mohawk River about 20 miles below this Fort sometimes in May following (1777) We had an engagement with a party of the enemy but owing to a part of men under Governor Clinton not joining us (as it was said) the party to which he belonged under Genl Tinbrook [TenBroeck] was near being taken many were killed while crossing the Mohawk river but he escaped & joined the main body that he continued at Fort Plank & a Fort called Johnstown & one in a small v8illage called Stone Robby (or Roby) alternately during the three months—the two latter Forts were about 8 miles from the river & about 4 apart—when my three months tour expired I with 5 or 6 others attempted to return when about half way to the river from Stone Robby we were attacked by Indians & returned to the Fort.  Most of the company enlisted into the Continental Service as they could not return in safety but he staid & served as a Volunteer he was nominally attached to the same company after this period but until he joined the army under General Schuyler & Gates he was almost constantly engaged in scouting parties & as he was pretty successful was generally entrusted with the command of small parties.
            Sometime the early part of September this deponent left Stone Robby & returned home to Ballstown the enemy having left the vicinity where he had served—he stayed at home two days & joined Genl Gates army near Stillwater two days before the engagement & went as a volunteer at this time & joined no company until I arrived on the field--& I do not recollect the names of the officers of any company or regt.  I well recollect seeing Genl Gates on the morning preceding the engagement or the morning previous to that encouraging the troops he rode near where I was—the engagement was principally on the left wing of our Army where I understood Genl Arnold commanded I was on the right where I nothing to do.
            I continued with the army until three or four days after Genl Burgoyne surrendered, portions of the army were almost constantly engaged from the time I joined the army until the surrender of Burgoyne on the 16th of October I recollect seeing General Gates & Arnold & other officers whose names I do not distinctly recollect I recollect frequently seeing Genl Schuyler but I do not recollect his having any command after I joined that portion of the army.  I served between the 1st of March & the 20th October 1777—not less than 7 months I have no documentary evidence & know of no person whose testimony I can procure who can testify to my service.  I was born 27th April 1763 at Bridgport Fairfield County Connecticut (Pooqueneck Parish).  I have no record of my age but suppose it is recorded on the Town Clerk’s Books.  I never rec’d a written discharge & I removed from Ballstown to Cooperstown Otsego County NYork in the year 1785 or about that date from thence to Rutland Meigs County (then Washington Co.) Ohio about 30 years since where I have ever since resided being one among the oldest citizens I am know to most of the inhabitants I will however particularly refer to Mr. John Miles & Mr. Samuel Halliday I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present & declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state—the said deponent further states that there is no clergyman whose attendance he could procure at the present term of this Court who would be able to testify as to his serviced the one who would be most likely to have heard anything respecting therein being absent from home.   (Signed) Abijah Hubbell
            Sworn to & Subscribed the say & year aforesaid. M. Bosworth, Clerk
Letter dated February 3, 1925, written in reply for information.
            I have to advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension Claim, W.1291, it appears that Abijah Hubbell was born April 27, 1763 at Bridgeport, Connecticut (Pooqueneck Parish).
            While residing at Ballston, Albany County, New York, he served as a substitute for his father, Jabez Hubbell, from March 1, 1777 as a private in Captain Weed’s New York company, he was in several skirmishes and in scouting parties around forts on the Mohawk River, was at the battle of Stillwater and served until October 20, 1777.
            He was allowed pension on his application executed April 30, 1833, while a resident of Rutland, Meigs County, Ohio.  He died there July 18, 1841.
            Soldier married October 18, 1810 in Gallia county, Ohio, Betsey (Elizabeth) Case.  She was allowed pension on her application executed May 19, 1853, while a resident of Rutland, Ohio, aged seventy-seven years.
            There is no further data on file as to family.

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