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Pension Application for John D. Nellis


John applied for his pension on 11 day of December 1839 before the Court of Common Pleas of Oneida County. John D Nellis was a resident of Whitestown, aged 84 years.

He made the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served herein stated.

That he was born in Canajoharie, now Oppenheim, in Montgomery County on the 10th day of December 1755. That he is recorded in the family Bible of his father now in his possession.

That he was living at said Town of Canajoharie when called into service and resided there until about 1781 when he removed to Minden in same county and remained there until 1808 when he removed to Lenox, Madison County and from thence in 1816 to Whitestown aforesaid where he now resides.

That about the year 1775, though he cannot state the precise time, he was called out and he believes, all the regiment was called out and went to a place called Remendsnydersbush and Royal Grant in Herkimer County NY in Col. Jacob Klock’s Regiment in Capt John Hess Company, but the other officers he does not recollect and served according to the best of the deponents belief at least ? weeks.

That the same year according to he best recollection he was called out to ? in Capt Hess company on a scouting party to a place called Jersey Field, Herkimer County and was in the service at least one week.

That the next year he believes in service he was called out to the company under Capt Hess and was marched in what is called Fall Hill on Mohawk River and stationed near the home of the late Genl Herkimer under whose command they were at the time. His best recollection for the term is two weeks.

That not far from the same time Col. Clock’s Regt was called out to a place called Fort House and Fort Plank near Fort Plain and was in the service at this time for at least ten weeks.

That not far from this same time he was called out and stationed at Stone Arabia and was in actual service at that time for at least one week.

That he also in the fore part of the war, each company was regiments of a certain number of men either by draft or volunteer, that this deponent volunteered the term and marched to Fort Dayton, Herkimer and remained there in actual service to the best of his recollection three months.

That he believes the next winter another draft was made, and this deponent volunteered from Captain Hess’ Company and he thinks he was three months draft and that they were taken in sleight to Ticonderoga. That the draft was made the first part of winter and he recollects the ice was about breaking up when they were discharged and they were obliged to wade a creek in their return. Capt Waggoner commanded on one occasion and that he was in the service at this time he thinks at least three months.

Then in the year 1779 (confusion of the year here) when Burgoyne was taken, a draft was taken from the company and which this deponent belonged and he believes Capt John Hess was in command, this deponent volunteered and went to Saratoga with Capt or Lieut Waggoner, and was discharged a short time before the battle at which Burgoyne was taken and this deponent was then in service according to his best recollection at least three months.

In the year 1777 and as he believe in August he was called out with the whole of Col Klock’s, Col Waggoner’s and Col Fox’s regiment in General Herkimer’s Brigade, was called out to Fort Stanwix and was attacked near Oriskany Creek by the Tories and Indians in what was called the Oriskany Battle and when Gen Herkimer was mortally wounded, this deponent was in the heat of said battle and returned home after service about two weeks.

That this deponent was in Johnstown Battle as he believes in 1781 in Captain Lipe’s Co. and was in the heat of the battle and was in actual service here for one week.

That while this deponent lived in Canajohaire and in the year 1780 the deponent lived as a neighbor to Colonel Klock and within one mile of him and this deponent and was employed by Colonel Klock as an express rider whenever the Colonel was called out and often when he was not called out and he was often an express rider in with ongoing as a private in Capt Hess company in various places at different time as he was called on for that purpose and furnished himself with arms and accouterments and kept himself in readiness at all times.

When called on to carry an express and was detailed by Colonel Klock for that purpose and had his orders to which effect.

And that in the service this deponent was engaged in as express rider at least one year and he refers to affidavit of Henry H. Smith in this service.

This deponent cannot state with more particularly these services rendered by him but he served in addition as much as two months in other services the particulars terms he cannot state.

This deponent married the widow of Solomon Keller Feb’y 15 1780, who was killed in Oriskany battle August 1777 and that in 1780 and from after the marriage he went from Canajoharie to Fort Stanwix under the command of Capt John Hess and what while he was absent in this Canajoharie the Indians and Tories burned Fort Plain and farms was burned the house and barn of the wife of this deponent and the term of service at this time was at least two weeks.

This deponent knows and was present at the time and saw the burning of his father’s (David Nellis) house and barn set on fire by the Indians and Tories.

That the service he fully believes was the whole of at least two years and and ? months, and only had part of the other time as an express rider. He was in actual and bonafide service.

That he has no knowledge of any other witness than John Yordan and Henry H. Smith whose affidavits are hereto annexed with and which by ?? and by stating clearly his services in many different and trying scenes and occasions.

John D. Nellis.

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