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Pension Application for Henry Shall

W.20051 (Widow: Catherine.  She married Henry in the Dutch Reformed Church of German Flatts, Herkimer County on December 7, 1784.  Her maiden name was Catherine Bronner.  Henry died on October 26, 1835.)
Pension granted $80.00 per annum.  Henry collected on his pension until his death and his wife then applied.
            Transcribers note.  The copy is very poor and I am not sure about a lot of this pension.  The copy is badly faded and the handwriting is atrocious.  Best to wait and see if Jim Morrison can get more of it or I can get a better copy. ajberry
State of New York
Herkimer County SS.
            On the ninth day of October 1832 personally appeared in Open Court before before [sic] the Court of Common Pleas in and for County of Herkimer now sitting Henry Shall, of the Town of Starks County of Herkimer State of New York aged Seventy four years of age who being first duly sworn doth on his oath depose and make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passeth the Seventh day of June 1832 do make the following declaration to wit—that he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as hereinafter stated.
            This deponent further saith that he is a resident of the Town of Stark County of Herkimer State of New York and was born in the Town of Minden Montgomery County State aforesaid in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred fifty eight---this deponent further saith that his age is recorded in his Bible and left at his residence and further saith that he resided in the Town of Starks Herkimer County then leaving the County of Tryon at the time of his first entering the service of the United States this deponent  further saith that the first service this deponent rendered to the United States was in the year 1775 at the time when this deponent arrived at the age of Sixteen years of age and immediately after this deponent was first enrolled in the Militia of the State of New York and this deponent further saith that after being so enrolled into Capt. Henry Eckler Company said Capt. Eckler was called upon and order a draft to be made out of his company of so many men to go to fort Stanwicks and assist in building a fort there, the draft was accordingly made and this deponent says was drafted this deponent further saith that accordingly went to fort Stanwicks and remained there six weeks the person by whom this service was he [?] are forgotten—by this deponent and many of them in & over into the [?] parts of the state to parts unknown to this deponent.
            This deponent further saith that he rendered services to the United States in the year 1776, Says that in that year he was also drafted a second time out of Capt. Ecklers Company of Militia in the now Town of Starks to go to fort Stanwicks and assist in building said fort there that this deponent was drafted as aforesaid and did go and remained there another six weeks and came away before said fort was finished the person with whom I went are all dead.
            This deponent further saith that he was called by way of a draft in the year 1777 out of said Capt. Leppers company to go to fort Stanwicks to guard and [?] said fort this deponent says that he accordingly went in company with one Frederick Brunner they remained in said fort, for the term of three weeks under the command of Capt. Bigbread and Colonel Willett this being the third trip to fort Stanwicks.
            This deponent further saith that sometime after a few days after my return from fort Stanwicks as above stated the whole company to which I belonged under Capt. Eckler was order by said Capt. to go to Fort Dayton the company and myself accordingly went and remained in said fort two weeks and then was discharged by said Capt. Eckler and [?] home—this was also in the year 1777.
            This deponent further saith that he was drafted sometime in June or July of 1777 out of Capt. Ecklers company of Militiamen to go to Unadilla Susquehannah this deponent saith that he in company of a few of his companions went under the command of Capt. Eckler & General Herkimer we were reinforced to the amount of about three hundred this service amounted to three weeks, we went as far as to a place called Unadilla.
            The deponent further says that the company to which he belonged under Capt. Eckler were all called out about the last of August 1777 to go to Fort Stanwicks to give Battle to the Enemy this deponent says that he did go and was Engaged in this Battle that was fought there from the Commencement & until the end though those under the command of General Herkimer & that Colonel Willet to which latter was the commander in the fort, they served [?] amounted to Eight day.
            This deponent further saith that he was drafted of to Capt. Ecklers Company to go to the taking of Burgoine this deponent saith that [?] to under the command of Capt. John Bigbread, Col. Klock and on serving at Schenectada by one was discharged in [?] the names that Burgoine was there—this service amounted to one week.
            This deponent further saith that as this deponent thinks in the year 1778 this deponent was drafted to go to Cherry Valley to repel the Enemy there—but as these services will be impressed in the next charge, believes I therefore omit saying any thing about it—thought it amounted to 5 weeks.
            This deponent further saith that early in the Spring of 1778 Some time in the month of April as this deponent believes he removed his residence to Fort Plank and on arriving there I was put under the command of the officers of that post to wit: Captain Abraham Coapman & Major Joseph House I was thereupon served on duty guarding said Fort and standing Centry as was required by said officers this deponent further saith he remained on said Fort Plank for the term of two years and during which time I was under the immediate command of the officers of said Fort and that I was almost constantly and [?] doing duty in said fort and during the summer season was [?] term I was employed in no other Business [?] no other services did no other duty that that in defense of my country and obeying the orders of my officers except on the winter season we were not particularly called upon to do duty this deponent further saith in his opinion the whole amount of his actual service during the two years I remained in said fort would amount to four months in each year and eight months in those two years.
            This deponent further said that in the year 1780 he removed to Fort Kaser that was put under the command of Captain Zeeley, Colonel Brown, served in said fort four weeks in standing centry and doing other duty as was required.
            This deponent further saith that in the year 1782 he enlisted in the war of the revolution to serve in Col. Willett’s regiment for the time of four months.  This enlistment took place as this deponent think in the month of June under the immediate command of Colonel Marinus Willett, after my enlistment was [?] ordered to leave for Albany from thence Schenectady from then we marched to the Schoharry here we made the first stop having 7 days from thence to Cobleskill from thence to Sharon from thence to Fort Plain thence to Fort Timmerman then our company remained until we were called to the Battle at Johnstown during my [?] that Battle I was engaged was commanded by Colonel Willett then I remained some time in standing centry and guarding the prisoners and then received my verbal discharge by Colonel Willett this ended my four month services.
            This deponent further says that he has no documentary evidence that I know of and know of the following persons who can testify to my service to wit: Frederick Branner, Christopher Eckler, Rbt Ecker John Shall.
            This deponent further says that I have never received any annuity or pension from or under any law of the United States [?] for the officers and soldiers of the Revolution hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension Roll of the agency of any state.
            This deponent further says that he resided when he entered the service in the Town of Stark, Herkimer County State of New York resided there till the year 1778 when removed to Fort Plank, resided there two years & thence to [?]bush resided there three years then back to town of Stark and lived there ever since.
            This deponent further says that he has not obtained the evidence of a clergy neither is there any clergy neither is there any clergyman to testify to this deponents knowledge or who can testify to this deponents age.
            This deponent further saith that he was born in the Town of Minden now Montgomery County in July 2d 1758 says that his age is recorded in his family Bible says that it at his recollection in that says that at his residence in Stark says that he resided in the now Town of Stark Herkimer County where he first entered the service since which time I resided two years in fort Plank three years in Bhyenbeek?—does not recollect the County and year in fort Plank there is the place where he now lives in the Town of Stark says that he was drafted the [?] part of his service and in one are only a substitute for his brother Matheus Shall [?] Says that he did duty and was acquainted with the following officers to wit, Colonel Marinus Willett, General Herkimer, Colonel Bellinger, Major House, Colonel Klock, Colonel Clyde of these those are several Militia first says that ne never received or whether discharged.  Says that his is acquainted with Jacob J. [?] John Shall John [?] who can testify to my character for veracity and their belief of my services as a soldier of the Revolution.  (Signed with his mark)  Henry Shall
            Sworn in Open Court this 10th Oct. 1832.  F. E. Spinner Dept Clerk

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