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Partial Pension Application for Frederick Ulman

Pension No. S14743 (N.Y. & Penn.), February 5, 1833, Town of Carlisle, Schoharie County. Served as private in Captain Garret Putman's Company in Colonel Marinus Willett's Regiment of Levies.
            "In the year 81 1st April saith he listed again in the same Company for the term of 9 months was stationed at fort Plain fort Plank and near there Continued until Oct. Then Being in a Scouting party about 2O miles from his staionary place and being in the town of Root then and there himself and Jacob Tanner were taken prisoners By a party of Indians and tories being the 24th day of October in the year 81 ‑ (A place called Warnsbush was Burned on the 25th) Recollects the next day after he was a prisoner he was taken Near Johnstown, and being in the woods near there and kept by the Enemy ‑ he at this time through the trees saw his late Col. Willett marching towards Johnstown with his Regiment at which place (Being 25th Oct) he had a Battle.  Conquered the Enemy ‑ the Enemy Retreated kept him prisoner with them and was present when at West Canada Creek, Butler then of the Commander of Indians and tories was shot Dead, and Recollects that he felt happy that It took place ‑"

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