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In the spring of 1776, Peter, while living at Johnstown enlisted as a private in Captain Emanuel DeGraff's Company (Seventh Company) in Colonel Frederick Visscher's Regiment of Tryon County Militia (Third Regiment).

In the spring of 1777, Peter again enlisted in Captain DeGraff's Company.

In the spring of 178O, Peter enlisted in Captain John Littel's Company in Colonel Visscher's Regiment. On May 22, 178O, Peter was taken prisoner by Indians and Loyalist under Colonel Sir John Johnson. Peter was taken to Canada.

Peter was given a choice of joining the King's Royal Regiment of New York commanded by Sir John Johnson or remain in prison. Peter joined the regiment.

October 178O, Peter under Sir John had come to the Mohawk Valley to destroy it again. Peter took this opportunity to escape and surrendered himself to the local Tryon County Militia.

In the spring of 1781, Peter again enlisted in Captain Littel's Company and he was stationed at Fort Johnstown.

On October 24th, Major John Ross and Captain Walter Butler, with 6O7 men, were in the Mohawk Valley burning and killing. Colonel Marinus Willett, who was in command at Fort Rensselaer, sent messengers to Forts Clyde, Paris and Plank for additional troops while he would gather what men that could be spared from the fort and go in pursuit of the enemy. In the morning of October 25th, Colonel Willett and his men left the fort in pursuit of the enemy.

Captain Littel at Fort Johnstown on being informed of this invasion organized a scouting party to search for any signs of the enemy. Captain Littel, Lieutenant Zepheniah Batchellor, Sergeant John Eikler, Sergeant Henry Shew, Corporal Jacob Shew, Privates John Brothers, John McMartin, David and John Myers, and Peter with three others left the fort in search of the enemy.

Shortly after the scouting party left the fort, Major Ross and his men appeared before the fort. Stephen Shew, then on sentry duty, fired at them and the men in the fort turned out to defend the fort. After a few minutes of musket and cannon fire the enemy retreated from the fort. The garrison pursued the enemy through the Village of Johnstown when they were joined by Captain Littel and his scouting party. Captain Littel ordered the garrison back to the fort while he and the scouting party would follow the enemy.

Shortly after the garrison returned to the fort, Colonel Willett and his men arrived. The garrison informed Colonel Willett what had happened and that the enemy had encamped near Johnson's Hall. Colonel Willett and his men left the fort and headed for Johnson's Hall. Just as Colonel Willett and his troops arrived on the field, Captain Little and his scouting party fell in with the rear guard of the enemy.

Captain Littel was hit in the shoulder with a musket ball and the scouting party took to the woods to find cover. Here another brief exchange of musket fire took place and Sergeant Eikler was killed. The scouting party now joined Willett on the battlefield. The battle raged until the coming of darkness and with the enemy retreating. Peter with Captain Littel now returned to Fort Johnstown where he was stationed.

Peter served in Captain Littel's Company until the end of the war and he was also stationed at Fort Johnstown.

Peter also served as a private in Captain John Visscher's company (Fourth Company) in Colonel Visscher's Regiment but when or how long is not known.

Peter was born in 174O and he died on February 3, 1811. Peter married Mary Magdaline Shields. Mary died on November 14, 1832. They are buried in the Johnstown Cemetery.

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